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Who Are You in The Matrix?

Get Your Personal Guide on

How to Know Your Self to Survive!

Gain Your Human Power to Survive The Matrix!

You will be given the Keys to get the Definitions to your First & Last Name. Your names are the root to your Program & Design in the Matrix.

Your Birthdate & Birthday are the Initial Code Numbers that you

arrived in The Matrix on. Here, they Will be Detailed on how to be Used.

When You Do What You Love It Doesnt Feel Like Work! With a Small Amount of Info about You. I Will Give You the Code for the Job that Fits You.

You Will be Given The Rules to The Deep Elements of Your Direct Culture and also The Indirect Cultures which stem from your Name and Relatives.

The First Curses to Be Broken Deals Directly with Your Life. Then We Will Break the Chains on What You Know about Your Parents and Others.

Relationship Problems with your mate Will be Privately Discussed. Solutions that are Tested & Proven to Work, To Cure these Problems Will be Offered.

Gain Your Soul Power to Survive The Matrix!

The Ancient Judaic Science System of Qaballa & Gematria has Many Secret Codes to Your Specific Design. All of Them Will Be GIven to You Here.

Your Natal Chart contains All the Details of Your Astrological Chart. Your Swag Chart includes All Your Finesse Characteristics of Your Natal Chart.

All Men & Women have at least 10 Saints connected to them. Here You Will be Given All of Your Saints and Shown their Power and How to use them.

Many People have Gods & Goddesses Living in Them. Here You Will Be Shown Which 1 You Are. You Just Might Have More than 1 in You.

Native American, Mayan & Gregorian Astrology are symbolized with Animals. These Animals also represent You. Here you Will invoke that Power.

The 52 Card Deck has a Vast Ancient Mystical System that can Explain a Facet of Your Characteristic. Gain Your Cards Here So you can Play them Right.

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The information was astoundingly accurate.


The best thing about this book is the way little known historical facts are woven together to complete a picture of western society.


Every family "Worldwide" needs a copy of the Ethereal Law in their Household! Amazing Read! So many gems to Marinate Upon.

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